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User ID First Name Last Name School News Title Date Published Target Sites
z3370090 Greg Arndt Childrens Cancer Institute Aus
z3226670 Kerrie Arnhold Medicine Education SupportUnit
z3526872_backup Akashlina Arno Sess Teaching Econ
z3161805 Ria Arnold School of Medical Sciences
z3522037 Samuel Arnold Dept of Dev Disability, Neuro
z3496863 Gaston Arnolda Sch of Public Health & Com Med
z3530987 Clare Arnott The George Institute
z3394332 Patricia Arona The Kirby Institute
z5215489 Kish Arora School of Medical Sciences
z3520570 Pooja Arora POW Clinical School Operating
z3482917 Sumesh Arora POW Clinical School Operating
z3521766 Vivek Arora Sch Women's&Children's Health
z3199721 Maria Arriaga The Kirby Institute
z3488706 Furqan Arshad POW Clinical School Operating
z3512218 Muhammad Arshed Greater Murray Division
z3066470 Ian Arthur Mid-North Coast Division
z3523170 Suzanne Artiss Centre for Healthy BrainAgeing
z3164772 Abraham Arul-Anandam St Vincent's Clinical School
z3518837 Sankar Arumugam SWS Clinical School
z3520502 Senthil Arumugam School of Medical Sciences
z2256015 Augustine Asante Sch of Public Health & Com Med
z3359424 Mona Asghari Sch of Psychiatry Operating
z3123728 Ray Asghari SWS Clinical School
z1035789 Stephen Asha St. George Clin Sch- Operating
z1023586 Kath Ashe The Kirby Institute
z3530698 Courtney Asher Mid-North Coast Division
z3425700 Yasmin Ashraff SWS Clinical School
z8900015 Kenneth Ashwell School of Medical Sciences Scans reveal brain secrets of the long lost Tasmanian tiger 19/01/2017 Medicine (select for all events), SoMS
z8900015 Kenneth Ashwell School of Medical Sciences
z8900015 Kenneth Ashwell School of Medical Sciences
z8970270 Lisa Asper Schl of Optometry & Vision Sci
z3057920 Philip Asquith Mid-North Coast Division
z3524546 Kaleab Asrress Medicine Faculty Admin
z3057034 Nagi Assaad POW Clinical School Operating
z3208558 Joseph Assad SWS Clinical School
z3273843 Hassan Assareh Greater Murray Division
z3414516 Yusuf Assem SWS Clinical School
z3527153 Ella Aston Greater Murray Division
z3519358 Lakmali Atapattu Sch Women's&Children's Health
z3242595 Michael Atherton St Vincents Psychiatry
z3529812 Christopher Atkins Sch of Public Health & Com Med
z3522641 Emily Atkins The George Institute
z3523094 Caroline Atkinson Sch Women's&Children's Health
z3510179 Elyse Atkinson School of Medical Sciences
z3243448 Kathleen Atkinson Rural Clin Sch - Wagga Wagga
z3236025 Seymour Atlas SWS Clinical School
z3504111 Raffat Attik Greater Murray Division
z3527526 Prasanthi Attwood The George Institute
z3522250 Amy Au POW Clinical School Operating
z3021050 Kimberley Au POW Clinical School Operating


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