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User ID First Name Last Name School News Title Date Published Target Sites
z3521947 Alan Baker Mid-North Coast Division
z7757433 Amanda Baker National Drug&Alcohol Research
z8082502 David Baker Mid-North Coast Division
z3508959 Jannah Baker The George Institute
z3433331 Jess Baker Sch of Psychiatry Operating
z3526193 Mark Baker Rural Clin Sch -Port Macquarie
z3494810 Matthew Baker Biotech & Biomolecular Science
z3394253 Richard Baker Sch of Psychiatry Operating
z3399646 Ishita Bakshi Sch of Public Health & Com Med
z3527667 Anushree Balachandran Sch Women's&Children's Health
z5167458 Harikrishnan Balachandran Med Research Infrastructure
z3525251 Dharrini Balachanoran Mid-North Coast Division
z3525651 Christine Balane Discipline of Paediatrics
z3527822 Haidar Balasem SWS Clinical School
z2177588 Chinthaka Balasooriya Sch of Public Health & Com Med
z3268425 Paul Baldock St Vincent's Clinical School
z8790019 Eileen Baldry Office of Division of I&D
z3335501 Peter Baldwin School of Psychology
z2104361 Sarah Baldwin St. George Clin Sch- Operating
z3524208 Bedros Baliozian Greater Murray Division
z3519908 Jeffrey Ball Sch of Psychiatry Operating
z8991031 Jillian Ball School of Psychiatry
z5097132 Mandy Ballinger St Vincent's Clinical School
z5113220 Varsha Balraj School of Medical Sciences
z3518904 Ben Balzer Sch Women's&Children's Health
z3507082 Lucienne Bamford The Kirby Institute
z3524638 Adeola Bamgboje SWS Clinical School
z3352777 Pankaj Banga Greater Murray Division
z3505967 Leonard Bank POW Clinical School Operating
z9400413 Ann Banks Mark Wainwright Analytical Ctr
z9701480 Karin Banna Academic Administration
z5080452 Gaurav Nitin Bapat MRA Faculties and Divisions
z3530794 Siddhi Bapat National Drug&Alcohol Research
z3380219 Melissa Baraket SWS Clinical School
z8534462 Draga Barbaric Sch Women's&Children's Health
z3523916 Sebastiano Barbieri Centre for Big Data Research
z3523916 Sebastiano Barbieri Centre for Big Data Research
z3523916 Sebastiano Barbieri Centre for Big Data Research Congratulations CBDRH Researchers 05/02/2020 Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH), National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (NPESU)
z3238808 Lesley Barclay Sch of Public Health & Com Med
z3425224 Daisy Bargiel MRA Faculties and Divisions
z9573444 Angela Barker Central Psychiatry
z3529518 Kristine Barlow-Stewart Discipline of Paediatrics
z3112035 Caryl Barnes School of Psychiatry
z3527891 Rebecca Barnes PVC (Research Infrastructure)
z3341334 Tori Barnes National Drug&Alcohol Research
z5143002 Megan Barnet St Vincent's Clinical School
z8471228 Bryanne Barnett School of Psychiatry
z3160131 Jonathan Barnett Mid-North Coast Division
z3487530 Yael Barnett St Vincent's Clinical School
z3524058 Margo Barr Centre for Primary Health &Eq


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